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Search Engine Optimisation

Cepheus web designs enable our clients to generate a web design which helps increase the quality and the visibility of the website to increase the traffic to your webpage.

Custom Designs

We believe that a happy client is when he gets what he expects. Cepheus web designs ensure that the quality that the client is looking for in web design is achieved and reflects their unique style.

Content Management

Content is the King and we abide by the phrase and help clients with relevant contents. We ensure that the content provided is unique and is the best in quality.

Domain Name Registration

We also help our clients when it comes to Domain name registration, we help identify with one or more IP address and with an easier URL to enable easy identification of the webpage.

User Friendly

The web design we produce is not just to impress the client but also help the audience with easy navigation through the website. Enabling the clients to receive more regular traffic.

Search Engine Ranking

With all the other services we provide, we make sure the contents we put up matches the search engine optimization standards enabling higher ranking with each update.

For Your Business Or Organisation

Single Page Custom Website Design Package

If you want to take full advantages of our services by opting for single page custom web design package which includes services like,

  • Existing company logo
  • Color scheme & an email link
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Submission to 3 major search engines

Two Page Web Promotion Package

  • The option of including additional pages
  • Information Page details

Our Blog

10 Step Process To Getting Divorced Overseas

Filing a divorce in Singapore is simple. But what if you moved with your spouse abroad and the marriage breakup needs to be done in a foreign country? Here is what you have to do, and what difficulties can appear on your way during the process. Before proceeding with any legal action, we strongly advise you to seek legal counsel from a leading law firm in singapore.

Filing for a Divorce Overseas

You might think that dissolving your marriage overseas is easier. Not really. The process is prolonged and in some cases tiresome, having several phases that imply the implication of both foreign and Singapore courts, and sometimes some difficulties may arise on your way. For example, your spouse may concomitantly file for the divorce in Singapore, thinking that he or she will have bigger chance to succeed in a home court. If you insist on an overseas trial, you have to request a stay of the proceedings in Singapore. Here is where the Singapore authorities step in. After analysing the records about your family, including the current place of stay and children issues, the court will decide on whether to continue the home trial or suspend it and let the foreign authorities run your divorce process.

After an overseas trial is allowed by Singapore authorities, you have to request a foreign divorce order from the overseas court. And as you get it, you need to send the order back to the court in Singapore for recognition.

Recogniton of Foreign Divorce Order in Singapore

Since the foreign divorce order is issued by a court of a competent jurisdiction, you can use it to dissolve your marriage in Singapore, not before receiving recognition from the court. The recognition in Singapore of such a document may take place in 3 ways:
1. The country granting the order is the domicile of one of the spouses
2. The court granting the order operates under similar jurisdiction as the Singapore court does
3. Sufficient connection exists between the overseas court and one of the spouses

If Singapore recognizes the order, your marriage is officially dissolved, and you can proceed with your former spouse coming to terms regarding such issues as: asset division and child custody.

Transferring the Overseas Trial to a Singapore Court

If you want your marriage to be dissolved by a Singapore court, it can be done only if the court has jurisdiction for it, which is granted when either of the parties has:
1. the residence in Singapore at the moment the divorce proceedings begin
2. the habitual residence in Singapore for an uninterupted time space of 3 years after the beginning of the proceedings. Short trips abroad will not be taken into account.

At the same time, you will check whether your spouse begun an overseas divorce process. If so, you will need to send a request to the foreign court to suspend the proceedings.

After the foreign court stayed the process and the conditions for granting jurisdiction to the Singapore court were met, you are free to start the marriage dissolution process in Singapore.


Performing a divorce abroad is not easy. You can face many pitfalls including the refusal of your spouse to accept the overseas proceedings and insist on a home trial. If you are in the same situation, don’t hesitate to contact one of our divorce lawyers to receive the best way out of your deadlock.

Follow These 5 Techniques To Create Great Websites

Most of us spend a lot of time online navigating various websites to find useful information that satisfies our needs. However, in some cases, our online experience isn’t the best that we could have.

And all this is as a result of poor web designs that don’t consider user experience. Although it can only take you a few minutes to notice tons of errors on a website as a user, it may be trickier if you’re a doing website development in Singapore.

As a developer, it is your responsibility to create great websites that provide an exceptional user experience to users. This isn’t an easy task to accomplish.

Fortunately, there are lots of things that you can to ensure that you design a good website. Follow these simple techniques to create great websites.

Know Your Audience

Before you start designing your personal or business website, make sure that you have an idea of who the target audience is and their behaviour. This will help you understand how to design the various aspects of your site, including the user interface.

Once you have a clear idea of the target audience for your site, you can then strive to find out their specific needs and wants and come up with a perfect design that will meet their desires.

You can get lots of ideas by looking at your competitor sites and note how they’ve implemented the various design elements. Take note of their colors, style, layout, and core features. If you use styles and designs that your target audience is already comfortable with, they will find it easy to use your site.

However, don’t copy everything from your competitors. Differentiate yourself from the rest with your own unique ideas that meet the needs of your target audience. Once you have identified your audience, remember to incorporate their feedback into your web design.

Prioritise Clarity and Simplicity

 While designing your website, keep in mind that users want clarity and simplicity. It only takes a few seconds for them to evaluate your website and decide whether they will stick around or not.

Therefore, you need to do everything possible to ensure that they stick around. Don’t make it difficult to find action buttons and visually focus attention on the main button other than a bunch of buttons thrown on your homepage.

Constantly evaluate your website and look for ways of making it easier to use. Strive to provide a clear, consistent design that is simpler for users and make your design intuitive. This way, users can know what to expect when they click on specific buttons on your site.

Part of your duty involves making your site highly usable for a majority of users and allowing for extra functionality to be hidden and only made discoverable when needed.

Remember the fact that when users are familiar with a majority of the aspects of your website design, the process of using it becomes much clearer and easier.

Focus on User Experience

 Creating a great user experience is much more important than anything else. Users often forget the data and salient points of web content, but they won’t forget how a specific website made them feel. This is the same concept that is used in advertisements.

Web graphics, text, layout, and other interactive elements work together to present the user with exceptional user experience and not just great content. Making your website stand out from the sheer quantity of sites and information on the internet is critical.

Modern sites are designed with more visual elements and other interactive qualities to strike emotional responses that help them stand out in a highly competitive world.

However, you need to make sure that you aren’t overusing visuals and other interactive elements since it may lead to distraction.

Common Design Elements vs. Creativity

 Don’t try to reinvent common design elements by becoming creative with new user interface (UI) patterns. You don’t want to make users think too hard trying to figure out how your UI functions.

Instead, you want to provide them with a familiar looking interface where specific objects such as links standout as links and not something else. You also want to ensure that the login access is in the top right corner of your page and nothing looks unfamiliar. 

Being creative with standardised patterns can only make your website hard to use since it doesn’t promote usability. Although you may think that you’re trying to be different from the rest, you may end up making it harder for users to navigate through your site.

Make sure that you strike a balance between creativity and usability to remain relevant. Buttons, URLs, and navigation placement on your site need to focus on usability before anything else.  Focus on the overall layout of these elements first without design in mind, then add your creative elements later on.

Make Your Website Scannable

 Today, websites are scanned, not read. If you’re publishing blocks of texts without anything else, you’re making a great mistake. A lot of people out there no longer spend their time reading websites. They scan them to see if they can find any relevant information. 

This is the primary reason why infographics and other visuals have become the go-to method for anyone trying to convey data or instructions quickly.

Making your web pages scannable will appeal to your target audience and increase traffic to your site.  Many people are willing to scan through your content and only stick around if they discover something that strikes them, and want to find out more.


 Users need to have a great experience when they land on your website since it helps to build an emotional connection to your brand. If you are merely creating a basic website that doesn’t provide such an experience, you have limited chances of attracting the kind of traffic you need to take your business to the next level.

Business websites need to be simple to navigate, easy to use and created with your target audience in mind. Don’t forget to integrate end-user feedback that will help you know how visitors feel about your design.